Heating Repair, Replacement and Installation

Some our heating and cooling services include:

  • Heating & Furnace Repair, Installation

  • Energy Saving Maintenance Services

  • High Efficiency Heating Systems, Furnaces & Heat Pump Installation

  • Boilers, Steam Boilers, Hot Air Furnaces, Heat Pumps & Circulating Pumps

  • Oil to Gas Conversions

  • Electric to Gas Conversions

  • Carbon Monoxide Detection

  • Air Cleaners, Air Handlers, Coils, Filters, Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers & Compressors

  • Energy Saving Programmable Thermostats

  • Home Energy Audits

  • Central Air Conditioning System Repair, Installation & Energy Saving Maintenance

  • Freon Leak Detection Dye Test & Freon Leak Repair


Partner's mechanical engineers understand the importance of efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Our professionals have experience designing innovative systems that will provide thermal comfort and indoor air quality for building inhabitants.

Heating Maintenance Services

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Vanessa Hvac Ductwork MD INC. Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland Professional Air Duct                                  Even if your ducts are properly sized, holes or leaks in your ductwork can ruin your HVAC efficiency—sometimes by 30 percent or more! If you can see holes or gaps in your ducts, call HVAC right away—we provide duct repair


You need a load calculation to make sure the furnace is large enough to supply the new room. You can get it online from companies like DuctWork or go to local HVAC pros to get a load calculation worked out. Generally speaking, if the room existed when the house was completed, the furnace is probably powerful enough. If it is an addition that was added after the house was built, you may need a new furnace.

Ductwork Installation Directory

Whether you are buying a new home, fixing up a home you bought or renovating the home you live in, HVAC contractors can play a huge role in the comfort, energy efficiency and durability of your home. Ductwork installation is an important service offered by HVAC contractors and is one of the first items to cross off your checklist. Rest assured that Felix HVAC Contractors will help you find ductwork installation in your local area

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