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ductwork hvac installation in Virginia/VA

Tired of dealing with that tough-to-cool bedroom? Looking for a flexible way to control comfort throughout your home or office? Mini split systems provide ductless heating and cooling for independent comfort control in each room.

Rated Capacity: 12k BTU Cooling, 13k BTU Heating. Includes (1) LSU120HSV5 Outdoor Unit, (1) LSN120HSV5 Indoor Unit

Ductless Mini Split

Buy Ductless Mini Splits - You already know that ductless mini split systems are a great solution for keeping a single room climate controlled; but did you know that wall-mounted, ductless mini splits can control the temperature in multiple rooms? We sell single zone, dual zone, tri zone, and quad zone mini splits that are perfect for cooling no matter the amount of rooms you have

These mini-split systems provide heating and cooling. They are a great equipment choice for home additions, or selective area heating and cooling, such as one floor or wing of a home. The advantages of a mini-split system over other types of cooling / heating equipment are Call (703)744-0819

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